A Natural Finance Partner

Backing for fully balanced and ‘pure’ horse feed

At a glance:

  • Won a new large-scale contract with national wholesale chain
  • Requirements to produce and supply larger orders meant increased cash flow needs
  • Incumbent ‘High Street’ bank unable to meet new funding requirements
  • Cash provided in a fast and straightforward way as and when needed

The Pure Feed Company started with founder Lou Talintyre needing a better quality of feed for her horses. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she decided to mix her own, using a cement mixer! Fast forward to a decade later and the company has gone from strength to strength, supplying the equine community and world class event riders with high quality, nutritional horse feed. Based in Somerset, Pure Feed now produces a fully balanced range of products designed to be high in fibre, full of natural grasses, free of molasses and low in starch.

 An Ambitious and Growing Business

As the business continued to grow it began to supply its full range into one of the country’s largest retailers. This was a fantastic development significantly increasing the size of the business. However, as with any growing company the increase in orders put pressure on cash flow having to produce the feed and transport it to the wholesaler well in advance of any payment being received. With their traditional bank unable to assist them in this new growth phase Pure Feed needed a flexible finance option that could work alongside their existing financial arrangements to meet their ongoing cash flow requirements.

A Natural Fit

Catalyst was quickly able to see this was a company that was passionate about horses and serious about providing a healthy and balanced diet for these amazing animals. Pure Feed was also entering an exciting period of expansion and needed an understanding finance provider who shared their vision. Selective Invoice Finance fitted Pure Feed’s needs perfectly. It was straightforward and provided the business with the ability to use the facility as and when they needed. 

A Short Term Solution Becoming a Long Term Relationship

Using selective invoice finance has proved a real success for Pure Feed. It has allowed them to access the working capital required to meet the ever increasing orders from the national wholesaler.

“I was a little hesitant to use a form of finance that seems at first glance to be similar to traditional invoice finance. I really needn’t have worried. Both Catalyst and SIF are completely different to that world. They listened to our needs, understood what we are doing here and have helped us when others were perhaps more reluctant. The facility is incredibly flexible and I can see them being a great support for the business as we continue on our exciting journey”

John Calder – Managing Director





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