Selective Invoice Finance

Rather than waiting 30 to 120 days for payment,  your client can use selective invoice finance  to raise the cash they are owed against one or multiple invoices as and when they need it.  It’s a really quick and easy way to aid short term cash flow, without long term contracts, set up fees or minimum term agreements.

Our selective facility works in four easy steps:

  1. Choose one or multiple invoices that your client would like to fund.
  2. They receive up to 85% of the invoice(s) value.
  3. When their customer pays, we deduct our fee and they receive the remaining balance.
  4. If their customer pays early, all the better! As we only charge a fixed daily rate, meaning your clients only pay for what they use and not what they might use.

We think Catalyst is a great choice for SMEs because:  

  • We won’t tie your client into a long term contract: your client can use us once or as many times as they like, we won’t make them sign up  to a long term contract (but of course we hope that they would like us and want to stick around).
  • Simple transparent cost: one pre-agreed daily rate, with no unexpected fees or ongoing costs. We want your client to be really clear and comfortable with what their costs will be.
  • Only pay when they are using the facility: unlike other providers, we only apply a fee to the funds in use (we think that’s fairer), so if your client thinks their customer is going to pay in a month’s time and they actually pay you in 7 days, then they will only be charged for those 7 days.
  • Use us alongside another business finance facility: we are not the jealous type. If they have a longer term cash flow solution in place and just need to use Catalyst for short term cash flow support, we will happily work alongside other providers. Think of us as ‘complementing’ your clients existing finance arrangements, and not as an ‘instead of’ funding choice.
  • We know that one size doesn’t fit all: we come from a business not banking background so we understand that different businesses in different industries have different cash flow challenges. As we review each business on an individual basis, your clients get the right size funding that fits them perfectly.
  • We are real people, we don’t rely on algorithms: so you won’t hear ‘computer says no’ from us! We want to meet with your client to make sure we really get to know them and understand their business so we can provide the best product possible at the right price.

Who is it for?

Invoice financing is available for registered PLC, Limited or LLP organisations that typically have more than £50,000 outstanding on an invoice at any one time. To be eligible, a business needs to be registered and trading from mainland UK, and invoice businesses for goods and services provided.

How much would you like to borrow?

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You could receive up to



  • What is the minimum facility size you offer?

    The minimum facility size we fund is £25,000

  • What is the maximum facility size you will fund?

    The maximum as currently £1 million however we are open to discuss invoices or confirmed orders of a higher value.

  • Is Selective Invoice Finance available as confidential product?

    Yes, we offer both disclosed and undisclosed our selective invoice finance facilities.

  • How quickly can my client receive their money?

    If all documentation is received and a clear audit trail is visible your client could receive funding within 24 hours.

  • What if my client has other funding facilities in place?

    That’s why our products are the perfect short term funding solution for your clients. The facilities can work hand in hand with your clients existing financial arrangements.

  • Will security be required?

    Yes, the security needed will be determined by the deal. We take debentures in almost all cases and guarantees from the directors ranging from a personal guarantee to fraud warranty.

  • What commission structure do you offer?

    A competitive one! You are paid a percentage of the total fee we charge. The percentage is determined after a discussion to understand your requirements and how our proposition could work for you.

  • Do you have an Intermediary agreement?

    Yes, this will outline the terms we have agreed and allow you access to our intermediary portal. The portal will provide you with the ability to submit leads and applications quickly, view the status of your leads and provide up to date income statements.

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