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What is an Asset Secured Loan and How Does it Work?

An asset secured loan allows a business to access the cash tied up in its company assets. This can be through physical assets such as property, stock or equipment.

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Video: Catalyst In a Nutshell

Our new video explains how our products and services work hand in hand with our clients and our intermediary community to deliver business finance which is simple, transparent and flexible.

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Single, Spot or Selective Invoice Finance

Find Out The Difference Between Single, Spot & Selective Invoice Finance. Fund Out Which Is Best For You And The Different Steps Involved.

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New legislation that will change the alternative finance market

Our CEO Jonathan Wilder Talks About The New Legislation Within The Alternative Finance Market And How This Will Help To Educate Business Owners.

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Funding choices for SMEs

Watch This Insightful Video Starring Jonathan Willder About Different Types Of Funding Now Available For SME's.

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Alternative Finance - The road to success for UK SMEs

There Has Been A Large Growth In The Amount Of Alternative Business. This Is Now The Chosen Finance Option Among Businesses. Find Out More Now.

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Catalyst CEO Jonathan Willder responds to Lord Turner's comments published in The Telegraph

Find Out More About Jonathan Willder's Response To Lord Turner's Comments In The Telegraph About The Alternative Funding Sector.

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What is Fintech and why does it matter?

Find Out What Is Fintech And Why Does It Matter. It Is The Factor That Has Established Big Brands And Has The Potential To Be Huge In The Future.

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