Customer service - the way to set your business apart

It seems there are many businesses operating today offering pretty much the same thing. This won’t come as a great surprise given there are very few unique businesses, and, if it’s a good idea, you can be sure someone somewhere has also thought of it, is either already doing it, or will be trying to do it very soon. Competition sometimes seems to have become less and less varied with brands increasingly looking and feeling similar.

As a result, businesses need to focus on ways to differentiate themselves from the competition to really stand out from the crowd. Customer service is one such approach that can cause a real impact. This may seem tricky to implement successfully, as customers are now more discerning and have higher expectations than they once did due to a variety of reasons:

- Google and the Web enable customers to be more knowledgeable and better informed than ever. They’ll quickly learn about your competition – particularly if their offering is better than yours!
- This knowledge can lead to customers being less patient and along with the growth in the use of social media, means if they’re unhappy with your business they can tell the world.
- This ability to vent frustrations quickly and to a large audience means they are more sure of what they want and, crucially, more confident of getting it.

In this environment being able to provide fantastic customer service may appear somewhat daunting. Yet these very same factors can be turned on their head and made to work in your favour. Happy customers will be loyal and also vocal about how good you are. Gaining these supportive customers is therefore important. So how could you attract them?

- Improving the experience of dealing with your business by making it as efficient, simple and easy to buy from as possible.
- Focusing on attention to detail. Interact with your customers as much as possible and make them feel valued. Make every contact with your business pleasantly memorable.
- Treat and train your employees brilliantly making them true champions of your business. They’re likely to be the ones engaging with your customers and so they need to be good listeners, anticipate the customer’s needs, understand not only your business but also the customer’s as well. They also need to know when and how to say sorry and to be empowered to address the customer’s issue there and then.

If you can focus on customer experience you’re well on your way to creating that ‘wow’ reaction from your customers when they do business with you - and that will truly separate you from the competition.

At Catalyst we are focused on providing outstanding customer service. Our recent survey gave us a net promoter score of +89 which, simply put, means that our clients recommend us. It’s a figure we’re very proud of and one that tremendously exceeds the finance industry average.