Online application form declaration

Your application declaration

I/We (the applicant) confirm that, to the best of our knowledge we/I have provided you with correct information and therefore we/I are not aware of any circumstances which we/I have not disclosed which might influence your decision. We/I certify that there are no writs, summonses, judgments, petitions winding up orders, or receiving orders in bankruptcy outstanding or threatened against this company/firm or its directors/partners.

How we will use your personal data

We (Catalyst Business Finance Limited) are required to adhere to and comply with the requirements outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the personal data we hold, process and store, including personal data about the individuals who have been included in the completion in the form. The individual completing and submitting this application form hereby warrants that all of the above information is true and correct in every aspect.

The individual completing and submitting this application form hereby authorises Catalyst Business Finance Ltd to gather and use, from time to time, any and all financial and/or credit information relating to the business entity that is the subject of this application that can be obtained from any source whatsoever including, but not limited to, banks, trade associates and creditors.  The undersigned also hereby authorises Catalyst Business Finance Ltd to utilise credit reference agencies in order to detect and prevent fraud and money laundering which may involve conducting personal credit searches and electronically validating name and address details.

By submitting this online application form, you are responsible for the completion of the information in it and specifically with regard to all personal data that you have supplied to Catalyst Business Finance Limited herein.

Please ensure that the detail outlined in this declaration is brought to the attention of those persons for whom you have supplied personal data, and you therefore confirm that you have obtained the agreement of all persons and that you are authorised to provide us with this data. If the application is unsuccessful all personal data submitted will be destroyed within 30 days.