Confirmed Order Finance

You’ve secured that amazing new contract you’ve been working hard to win, but you now need the cash to help you and your business fulfil the order. With our confirmed order finance facility you can use the asset of your new confirmed order to release that cash back into your business.

How it works:

  1. Your confirmed order (which has a value of at least £25k) is verified.
  2. You agree the timescales as to how long you wish to borrow the money for
  3. Catalyst releases up to 80% of the value of the confirmed order
  4. You pay back the balance once you have received the funds


 The benefits

  1. Short term loan – no tie ins or long term contracts
  2. Simple, transparent costs – we charge a fixed pre-agreed daily rate, so you know exactly how much it costs.
  3. You only use the facility as and when you need it - the facility is based on an upcoming ‘exit event’ e.g. an inflow of funds is due to you in 60 days but if you receive your funds in 30 days then you will only be charged for the 30 days. We know that sounds logical, but some providers will apply charges to the entire 60 days, regardless of being paid earlier than expected.
  4. Use it in conjunction with other finance arrangements you may already have. We are not the jealous type, and our funding will complement other funding that you may already have.
  5. Bespoke, tailor-made funding solutions: We know that every business is different, which is why we will create a finance facility that is perfect for you and your businesses needs.
  6. We are real people and like meeting people face to face. We do this not only to get to know you and your business better but also to make sure we offer the best finance solution to fit your requirements.
  • What are the costs?

    Example Costs:

    If you needed £50,000, and you have an inflow of funds due in 45 days then the total amount you will repay when the funds come in will be £52,025.

    However, you only pay for the funds you use, not what you might use, so if you receive your funds earlier you can repay us sooner. Early repayment will reduce the amount you pay as it is a fixed daily rate. If you reduce the number of days you use us, the good news is that you reduce the cost.

    Please note that this is just an example quotation,  we tailor each facility to your business.


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